Monday, March 9, 2009


"I wanna dance! Turn it on! Please!" is what my daughter just said. My husband picked her up, turning on the cd player. They walk around the living room, shaking their booty. I sigh a, "phew," of relief, that she is back. 

But let me back up first. The first few months of DMSA cream went smoothly. Nothing notable, until almost the end of the three months, when, the morning after chelating I woke up to the smell of her in my bedroom. I jumped out of bed like a bolt of lightening, and raced her to the bathtub for a good scrub, head to toe. Especially her head, actually. The stench was pouring out of it.

That was the beginning of her emergence. Over night, two word phrases turned into full out sentences. Calm and contemplative became playful and sassy. She developed a personality, a spirit, all her own. It was what we all hope for. My heart sang with thanks. 

A couple weeks ago we did the DMSA again. It was the last of the cream, before we ordered the next refill. Our DAN! doctor had tried to warn me that there would be ups and downs with chelation, but I didn't pay attention. It was all going splendidly. 

Sure enough, we saw the ugly side of chelation. After the second of the three consecutive nights, she began to regress. Screaming replaced all her beautiful sentences. It was horrible. "What have I done?" I thought, the sickening feeling welling up in my stomach. Still we did the third and final night of cream, so we could collect her urine for testing the following day. 

Then my husband, feeling a little spooked as well, suggested we get new vitamins, since the liquid ones we had in the fridge were getting old, and no expiration date could be found. Slightly panicked by the screaming, and out of sorts, I dumped the vitamins, and for a few days we had little supplements to give her. She just screamed and screamed.

So we made a special trip to get her new liquid vitamins. We anxiously gave them to her the moment we arrived back home. Within 30 minutes she was screaming less, and beginning to talk. I gave her more later that day. Day by day, the screaming went away, and the sentences came back. Phew. 

Can I just tell you how freaky that was? Has this happened to you? My gut tells me that since we got that big toxic dump time before last, the last round pulled only vitamins and minerals. This is why we only chelate six days a month! To give us lots of time in between to replenish. We will see what the urine test shows.

But I don't think I can go on, and neither can my husband. We don't want to. We are so thankful for how much DMSA has done for her, up till this point, but now we feel it is time to stop, at least for now. 

I will also say, that I never saw such quick and dramatic results with her supplements, before her recent progress with DMSA cream. I haven't read or heard about this, that I can recall, but it seems to me that when she was holding all that poison, she wasn't absorbing vitamins and minerals. Now, with that big load off her, she absorbs supplements like never before. My husband and I are most impressed and fascinated by this. 

And, we're just glad that she's back and kicking butt. 


  1. What kind of suppliments are you using. I noticed you said that they where liquid. Nicole takes child essence, and folocal. They are in pill form. I break them open and put it on her food. I think that a liquid form would be so much easier. She HATES it when I put it on her food.

  2. I was doing Awaken Nutrition liquid vitamins and minerals (two big bottles), but now we are using Liquimins Liquid Multi Vita-Mineral. I'm not sure which one tastes better. Neither are bad or good :-) Both are kind of berry flavored. I think they are easier to give, personally, than all the caps and powders, and perhaps also easier to absorb. We also did Child Essence for a time.